Aerial Photography

All Survey Pros offers aerial photography by skilled pilots, who have plenty of experience in operating photography drones fitted with high resolution cameras. This ensures that you will obtain concise and professional photos that match your requirements.

There are various benefits to picking a drone for aerial photography. Hiring a drone is much more affordable than hiring a plane or helicopter to carry out the work. A drone can capture footage that would be impossible by traditional techniques as it can relocate itself to any location.

Drones can also be mounted with thermal cameras for the inspection and surveying of structures, utilities and livestock to name but a few examples. Let All Survey Pros assist you with a flexible and cost-effective solution regarding aerial photography.

Drone Photography

Taking aerial imagery of a location has become simpler with drone photography. A drone or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) can operate at heights of up to 400m and capture images from many different perspectives. Each drone is flown by fully trained pilots who have finished training approved by the CAA (BNUC-S). All drone operators also have a CAA Permission for Aerial Work, No.928.

Aerial photography drones are powered by rechargeable batteries, a single charge allows an individual drone to remain in the air for around 20 minutes. Since the staff can carry several batteries, drones can be flown all day. Night time aerial drone photography can be offered at night with a separate permit if required.

The images produced by an aerial drone can be delivered to you within 72 hours of the shoot. When compared to planes and helicopters which need to fly from an airfield or airport to a site, a drone can be deployed at the site. As the service is fully insured, you can have total reassurance that drone photography from the experts is safe and legal.

Aerial Photography

The specialists work with a number of businesses who require aerial photos and video footage for marketing campaigns, inspections or monitoring. For example a construction company may require aerial photographs of a site to be taken at multiple angles and at regular intervals. This monitors the progress of a building project and enable clients to closely monitor a project.

Another case is when estate agents require high quality images of a property for the creation of brochures. Drone aerial photography can improve the saleability of a property. The shots supplied by a drone are excellent for highlighting the size of a property and the surrounding area. What was once a costly option by manned aircraft is now a more cost-effective and accessible service by drones.

If you offer a structural inspection service for insurance or surveying purposes, consider the cost of scaffolding and building permits which can be quite expensive. There is also a health and safety risk, especially in difficult to reach locations such as utilities. Drone aerial photography is a quicker and safer way to take high resolution photos of an area.

When you need to promote, illustrate, plan, or research a building or area, let All Survey Pros assist. To get in touch, simply fill in the website form. Include your business details and a brief description of the services you need. The friendly team would be glad to answer any queries that you could have whilst providing advice regarding drone aerial photography.

Aerial Drone Photography

Using a drone for photography has made it far simpler to capture aerial photos of a site. An aerial photography drone is a cost-effective and convenient solution. A UAV can be deployed to any location in the UK that is allowed by the CAA.

The photographs taken by drones are suitable for advertising, initial surveys and inspections. The experts provide their services for a range of different industries such as inspection, agriculture, utilities and archaeology.

Panoramic Photography

Panoramic photography is a technique which captures a much wider perspective of a landscape into a photo. The professionals can provide you with a 360 degree view of a site in the UK.

These interactive images are then viewable by customers on a desktop browser, smartphone or tablet. This service is perfect for the advertising of tourist attractions, portfolios of completed projects and estate agent listings.

Time Lapse Photography

All Survey Pros offers time lapse photography to record and monitor a location over a period of time. It compacts hours, days or months worth of recording into a few minutes. This service is offered by high resolution cameras attached to drones or telescopic masts. This allows footage to be captured at heights, angles and time intervals determined by you.

Time lapse photography can often minimise the requirement for regular site visits, saving you time and travel costs. The footage provided is also an excellent marketing tool. If you manage any construction, infrastructure, farming, conservation or commercial project within the UK, turn to All Survey Pros for assistance.


What is the cost of aerial photography?

Aerial photography prices are affected by lots of factors. Some of the main ones include your location, the size of the area and the timescale in which you need your photos. Comprehensive editing services are also provided if necessary or the original footage can be supplied in a raw format.

All Survey Pros always aims to offer aerial photography at a affordable price for clients. The cost of hiring a UAV is considerably less than hiring manned aircraft, as you don't have to worry about costs associated with fuel and the flying time from an airfield or airport to the target location.

Are there any legal requirements regarding drone photography?

The professionals adhere to the CAA Drone code for drone photography, so that every flight is safe and legal. Aerial photography drones are flown within visual sight of the operator and without reaching the maximum altitude of 400ft (120m).

Before a flight takes place, the area is assessed beforehand and drones are kept away from airfields and aircraft. Drones must not be flown within 50m of people, vehicles and buildings. If a drone flight is not viable, alternative solutions can be offered. The Data Protection Act also covers the usage of UAVs and thus privacy laws are applied to their use.

What kind of images can a photography drone capture?

Professional drones are fitted with 4K cameras which are capable of taking clear aerial images, these are ideal for producing top quality prints. The UAV can capture photos which would be unreachable by plane or helicopter as a drone can reach remote areas.

Every drone features a video downlink, which allows you and the pilot to see through the eyes of the drone in real-time, so that the perfect shots are shot.


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