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If you require an as built survey, you won't want to settle for second best. So look to All Survey Pros for a dependable and competitive service. Whatever your needs, the team will adapt to you to make sure any project you work on is successful.

The experts have more than 20 years experience in the business, and will use cutting edge equipment and techniques to conduct a precise as built survey. They are confident in the quality of their service.

Your as built survey will be comprehensive, and will supply all the data you require, whatever kind of project you are working on. For a truly hassle-free experience, let the experts help.

As Built Surveys

Getting as built surveys is simple with All Survey Pros. This type of survey can be performed at any stage of a project like construction, but often is carried out after work is finished, or near the end of a project. It can also be useful for building reconstruction, plant planning, and even augmented reality tours!

As built surveys are used to represent planned or pre-existing buildings precisely. The survey can cover interior floor plans, external measurement surveys, and calculation of gross area size. This type of survey will also illustrate where roads, buildings, and notable features are, in relation to the structure you are working on.

As built surveys are performed using up to date laser measurement equipment. This provides extremely precise information that can be easily processed. The measurements can be presented as raw data, which can then be supplied to your engineer or other professional. Alternatively, the AutoCAD technicians can assemble plans with the measurements.

There are a number of reasons why you may want as built surveys, and one of the main reasons clients pursue this type of survey is to monitor the progress of their project. The information gathered by the survey can help you to make sure you are abiding by regulations, and are on schedule. Contractors may rely on as built surveys to plan payment schedules, and developers may demand this survey to release deposited bonds with overseeing agents. Retention money may also be returned on building and civil engineering projects after an as built survey is performed.

As Built Drawings

As built drawings can be supplied to your specifications. 2D or 3D CAD models as well as scaled cross sections can be created to suit you individual needs. Whether you have an as built or building measurement survey, the team can cater their services to make sure you get the most helpful results possible.

The experts are well trained, and have years of experience in the business. They are committed to providing an excellent service that you can rely on. Using modern techniques, they gather accurate information carefully and efficiently, which can then be presented in a raw format, or complied into drawings. If you are not certain about what you need from the service, or what type of service you need for your project, the team will be happy to advise you, and offer unbiased suggestions.

Organising an initial meeting is simple. All you have to do is ring the number shown during working hours to speak to the helpful customer care team. They will be happy to answer any queries you might have about the service, and provide an idea of prices.

If you would rather, you can fill out the online form on this page with your contact information, and a brief description of the type of service you require, or why you need an as built survey. You can expect a quick reply by phone or email.

Building Measurement Survey

A building measurement survey can be useful for producing an accurate representation of a planned or existing structure of building. The surveying is economical, to help you keep your work within budget from beginning to end.

As Built Documentation

As built documentation can help you to stick to plans, and will display the layout of features like sewers, boundaries, and new landscaping. The documentation can be supplied in a format that best suits your requirements, and raw data can be provided directly to contractors.

Infrastructure Survey

An infrastructure survey can be useful for a number of different projects, including urban regeneration, bridge surveys, and 3D modelling, to name just a few possible applications. Most clients requesting infrastructure surveys work on behalf of transport, utility and public services sectors.


Why may I need an as built plan for my building project?

As built surveys are requirements for many organisations, such as highway and drainage authorities. They might rely on the survey data to identify storm water drainage for example, or for identifying steel beams. You might also require an as built survey for financial reasons, such as release of bonds deposited, or payment schedules.

What will an as built survey cost?

The cost of an as built survey will depend on a range of details, such as the kind of building being surveyed, and how quickly the survey is required. The team can supply personalised quotes on enquiry.

How long does an as built survey take to finish?

The experts understand that you'll need your as built survey to be completed as quickly as possible, and they aim to complete all surveys promptly and accurately. Estimated completion times will be supplied before work starts, so you can be happy with the service.


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