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If you require an as built survey, only the best will do. So turn to All Survey Pros for a reliable and affordable service. Whatever your requirements, the team will cater to you to ensure any project you work on is successful.

The professionals have more than 20 years experience in the industry, and will use cutting edge tools and methods to perform an accurate as built survey. They are confident in the standard of their service.

Your as built survey will be thorough, and will provide all the information you require, whatever type of project you are planning. For a completely fuss-free experience, let the professionals assist.

As Built Surveys

Having as built surveys is easy with All Survey Pros. This kind of survey can be carried out at any point of a project like construction, but usually is carried out after work is completed, or towards the end of a project. It can also be helpful for building reconstruction, plant layout, and even augmented reality tours!

As built surveys are used to represent a planned or existing structures accurately. The survey can include internal floor plans, external measurement surveys, and calculation of net room size. This kind of survey will also illustrate where pavements, buildings, and other features are, relative to the building you are working on.

As built surveys are carried out using cutting edge laser measurement equipment. This supplies extremely accurate data that can be quickly processed. The measurements can be provided as raw data, which can then be given to your engineer or other professional. Otherwise, the AutoCAD technicians can create drawings with the measurements.

There are a range of reasons why you might need as built surveys, and one of the primary reasons companies pursue this kind of survey is to monitor the progress of their work. The data gathered by the survey can help you to ensure you are conforming to regulations, and are on schedule. Contractors might depend on as built surveys to work out payment schedules, and developers might demand this survey to release deposited bonds with overseeing agents. Retention money can also be returned on construction and civil engineering work after an as built survey is provided.

As Built Drawings

As built drawings can be provided to your specifications. 2D and 3D CAD modelling as well as scaled cross sections can be produced to meet you specific requirements. Whether you have an as built or building measurement survey, the team can cater their services to ensure you get the most useful results possible.

The experts are highly trained, and have plenty of experience in the industry. They are dedicated to providing an exceptional service that you can depend on. Using cutting edge methods, they gather precise data carefully and efficiently, which can then be provided in a raw format, or converted into drawings. If you are not sure about what you require from the service, or what kind of service you require for your project, the team will be pleased to guide you, and provide unbiased recommendations.

Arranging an initial consultation is easy. All you have to do is call the number displayed during business hours to chat to the polite customer support department. They will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about the service, and supply an idea of pricing.

If you prefer, you can submit the online form on this page with your contact details, and a short description of the kind of service you want, or why you require an as built survey. You can anticipate a fast response via phone or email.

Infrastructure Survey

An infrastructure survey can be helpful for a range of projects, including urban regeneration, bridge surveys, and structural scanning, to name just a few possible applications. Most clients after infrastructure surveys work for transport, utility and public services sectors.

As Built Documentation

As built documentation can help you to stick to plans, and can display the layout of features like sewers, boundaries, and new landscaping. The documentation can be supplied in a format that best meets your requirements, and raw information can be passed on directly to contractors.

Building Measurement Survey

A building measurement survey can be useful for producing a precise representation of a future or current structure of building. The surveying is economical, to help you keep your work within budget from start to finish.


Why might I require an as built plan for my construction project?

As built surveys are requirements for various authorities, including highway and drainage authorities. They might rely on the survey data to identify storm water drainage for example, or for identifying steel beams. You might also require an as built survey for financial reasons, such as release of bonds deposited, or payment schedules.

How much will an as built survey cost?

The cost of an as built survey will depend on a range of details, like the kind of building being surveyed, and how quickly the survey is needed. The team can supply personalised quotes on enquiry.

How long does an as built survey take to finish?

The experts know that you'll need your as built survey to be completed as quickly as possible, and they aim to complete all surveys promptly and accurately. Estimated completion times will be supplied before work starts, so you can be happy with the service.


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