Timelapse Photography

Timelapse photography for building sites and construction projects allow managers and engineers to monitor development and also make fantastic marketing tools allowing you to see the overall site.

Timelapse video from expert videographers with huge experience of projects on construction and building sites. Providing expert time-lapse video footage direct to your inbox.

Using state-of-the-art, high resolution 6K cameras specifically developed for time-lapse videography, capable of withstanding extreme weather and combined with solar panel, it is a simple fit and forget solution.

Pole mounted video modules are highly steady and you can also select the frequency of capture.

All Survey Pros will assist you with a expert and affordable time-lapse

Time-Lapse Films

Providing a time lapse video of your construction project as it grows is simple and straight forward with the placement of a wind resistant telescopic pole with an attached high quality video camera that gives a perfect overall view of your building development.

There are many benefits too, such as providing an opportunity of real-time site monitoring and providing a general overview to the site managers.

Whether you are building a shopping centre, car-park, rail bridge, office complex or storage facilities, the right time-lapse solution will be created ,set up and managed.

At the end or even mid-way through construction a high-definition video footage can be produced without the need for any of the team even having to go to the site and delivered directly to you via email.

Each video captured over the time-lapse is sentvia a secure and professional cloud system with regular back-ups. Every video is compliant with Data Protection laws including the Data Protection Code of Practice for Surveillance Cameras.

Clients will have access to a dedicated client portal which provides them video access 24-7, you can also link this to your corporate website to allow your customers to watch your time-lapse project. This is a fantastic opportunity to promote your build through social media.

Time-Lapse Photography

There are other possible positive benefits to producing commercial time-lapse videos of your building project as they are a fantastic way of engaging an audience via social media, keeping investors, backers updated with the development through an appealing clip and could be used as a part of a press-release to the and UK media and local TV to engage a much wider audience, delivering the story of the entire project from start to finish within a few short moments.

To schedule a price for time-lapse photography, or to organise a discussion, simply complete the online form with your contact details and a short description of the construction project. You'll get a quick reply by phone or email during working hours from a customer service representative.

Time-lapse services

The scope time-lapse photography services could be applicable in a wide array of industries, what ever your time-lapse needs are, even if its not within the building industry, the expert customer care team will be able to create the correct time-lapse photography package for your needs.

Construction Sites

Time lapse photography is perfect for all types of construction Sites no matter how vast or small it may be.

A rugged camera is lifted high up using an independent aerial platform, its pretty muchmaintenance free and remotely operated by the professional team of time-lapse operatives off-site, who will provide you with updated videos as and when you require.


How much does time-lapse photography cost?

The price of time-lapse video will depend on a multitude of factors, how vast and how long the project is intended to last for.

The only way to be sure is to get in contact with the team to receive a quotation.

Why use a time-lapse company?

By using an expert time-lapse company will produce excellent video footage, its a managed solution which means that you dont have to worry about anything, everything is take care of for you, from the erection of the platform and camera, the equipment installation and also the creation of the footage is all done by trained experts.


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