Volumetric Survey

If you want an accurate and dependable volumetric survey, turn to All Survey Pros. The knowledgeable Volumetric Survey experts use cutting edge techniques to quickly gather useful information.

A volumetric survey for your site can give you clear data for costing, and calculating cut and fill balances. The comprehensive and complex nature of the survey means you receive the data that you need to make your project a success.

The team offer a stress-free service, as they know you have a lot to get on with when working on a project, big or small. So they ensure that they deliver useful and professional results for each volumetric survey, to help you complete your project in time and within budget.

Volumetric Surveyors

Volumetric surveyors include the comparison of previous survey results. For instance, if 2 separate volumetric surveys that have been carried out a few years apart, the results can be compared and contrasted and new data can be collected, to deliver one expansive survey of a large or specific site.

The information collated by volumetric surveyors can be gathered onsite to be assessed to create a topographic survey. A 3D DTM (Digital Terrain Model) can be produced, which is a quantitative and qualitative representation of your site. This can form your basis for working out volume, cross sections, and surface area measurements. By using a DTM, the need for complex calculations is avoided. This can save you a lot of effort, and minimises the chance of error, as only comprehensive computer generated data is used.

Volumetric surveyors are essential for estimating accurate costings during construction and excavation work, and helping you to correctly calculate your cut and fill balance and the value of earthworks. This guarantees you can keep on budget with confidence. You wont need to import or export excess materials at an extra cost because of miscalculations.

Volumetric surveyors can can carried out surveys on stockpiles, landfills, open excavations, and mining sites, to name only a few examples. Some potential areas of use for this type of survey include architecture, land development, asset mapping, civil engineering, and agriculture. Mainly, volumetric surveys are relied upon for calculating volumes, alongside planning and design. The proposed designs can be compared to existing surveys, to compare the existing ground surface with the proposed construction or excavation goal.

Topographic surveyors

The topographic surveyors will cater their services to meet your requirements, so if you want cut and fill surveying for a small excavation project, or topographic surveys for multiple big areas, they can help you. Before starting any work, they will speak to you to ensure you only get results that are useful to your work, and that the data is precise.

Topographic surveying will be performed by capable professional surveyors using top quality tools and tried and tested techniques. The topographic surveyors gather information efficiently and carefully, being confident in their accuracy and attention to detail. You can be sure that they will do everything they can to help your project.

To organise a topographic survey, or to learn more about the surveyor services provided, all you need to do is get in touch now. Submit the form on this page with your contact details, and a short description of the type of service you need, or the type of project you are working on. You can expect a prompt reply via phone or email.

If you would rather, you can ring the number displayed on the top of this page during working hours to speak directly to the customer advice department. They can answer any queries on the services that you may have, and provide advice on having a volumetrics survey for your project. Quotes can be provided within 48 hours (upon receipt of your enquiry).

Mine Survey

If you are starting a mining project, you need to have precise data about a number of factors, such as presence of slopes and pit walls, as well as stockpile measurements. A mine survey can encompass a volumetrics survey for a thorough assessment of the site.

Aerial Survey

An aerial survey may be carried out using a cutting edge UAS (Unmanned Air Squadron). This method is an economical way to collect precise information effectively, and is used for large volumetric surveys.

Stockpile Survey

Volumetrics can be especially useful if you wish to assess stockpile quantity. It is essential to measure stockpile precisely for inventories, and planning deliveries. A stockpile survey will cover density, volume, height and diameter, which will be calculated carefully to make sure you have dependable information to work with.


Is it worth getting a volumetric survey to calculate stockpile volume?

A volumetric survey can be useful as a stockpile volume calculator, but provides a lot of other data too. It is best to speak to the team about what you want specifically from the survey, and they can adjust to you for an absolutely worthwhile service.

How much will a volumetric survey cost?

The cost of a volumetric survey will depend on a variety of factors, such as whether aerial surveys are required, if 2D or 3D models are desired, and the size of the site being surveyed. A bespoke price can be provided after an initial meeting.

Is a volumetric survey useful for cut and fill calculations?

Yes, a volumetric survey is extremely useful for cut and fill calculations, as it measures materials onsite that are crushed or excavated precisely. It's a good way to get useful information so your cut and fill balance is perfect, saving you money in the long term.


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